Fly Fishing Equipment List


Temperate 15-20oC early/late season. 20-30oC mid season with high sunshine hours.

Clothing/Personal Equipment

Clothing should be subdued in colour to blend with the environment to aid stalking. While lightweight breathable waders are popular, polypropylene legging, shorts and a long sleeved shirt is suitable.

Warm clothing and a waterproof rain coat should always be carried. Comfortable footware with good support are required for wading. Rubber studded wading boots are safest*. Polarised sunglasses aid spotting fish. Sun block, insect repellant and a wide brimmed hat are also recommended. Don't forget your camera.

*Please note from Oct 2008 felt soled wading boots are banned in New Zealand.


While most trout can be carefully stalked within 5-10 metres, accuracy & presentation, rather than distance is necessary. 5-6 weight 8.5-9 foot rods are a good standard weight & length for fishing the gin-clear waters in this region.

Reels should have a reliable drag system. Double taper or the more popular weight forward floating flylines are typically used for upstream nymphing and dry fly presentation. Dull, natural coloured flylines are favoured.